Manufacturing Sites


Alpaflor is located in Vouvry – Valais. From the beginning Alpaflor was fully dedicated to the development of Swiss Alpine plants especially as botanicals for Personal Care.

Alpaflor firstly developed edelweiss extracts and in 2004 launched the first line of 7 organic plant extracts certified by Ecocert. Afterwards the line has been risen to about 20 different plant extracts, such as Alpaflor® Edelweiss (with anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties) , Alpaflor® Gigawhite (a mix of seven plants with lightening activities), Alpaflor® Nectapure PF (a mix of Thyme and Butterflybush as anti-pollution and against city-stress), Alpaflor® Alp-Sebum (an Alpine willowherb extract with sebum regulation properties), Alpaflor® Sambucus AO (for sensitive skin) . All the Alpaflor product line is certified by Ecocert and Natrue now.

The main activities in Vouvry are R&D, Manufacturing and QC. In R&D Alpaflor develop new organic active ingredients from Swiss Alpine plants and define analytically the active compounds into the plants.


In order to ensure the continuous supply of snake venom of guaranteed quality and sufficient quantity of the Brazilian lance adder Bothrops moojeni , the supplier of a key venom used by PENTAPHARM, a large-scale venom-producing snake farm composed of open-air parks in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brasil was founded in 1981.

Focusing on animal welfare issues (IBAMA), PENTAPHARM has elaborated, during the past 30 years, a unique approach for the breeding and housing of venomous snakes.