Product description:

Aprotinin is a polyvalent reversible inhibitor of serine proteinases. Aprotinin is a polypeptide of 58 amino acids. Its active center is formed by 4 lysine groups, the tertiary structure shows a pearshaped unit which fits exactly into the binding site of serine proteinases.

Main therapeutic applications:

In a finished dosage form, Aprotinin is used to reduce perioperative blood loss and transfusion requirements in patients during and following cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) in the course of coronary artery bypass graft surgery. The effects of aprotinin use in CPB involves a reduction in inflammatory response, through its inhibition of multiple mediators (e.g., kallikrein, plasmin), which translates into a decreased need for allogeneic blood transfusions, reduced bleeding, and decreased mediastinal re-exploration for bleeding.