Snake Venom Proteins

Activator Source Application Remarks
113-01 / 113-04 Protac® • Determination of protein C and protein S
• Protein C pathway assays
Serine protease Agkistrodon contortrix

116-01 Ecarin • Prothrombin assay
• Determination of hirudin
Metalloprotease, activates specifically prothrombin via meizothrombin, does not need PL and Ca2+ Echis carinatus

119-02 Convulxin Activation of human platelets via binding and clustering of GPVI-receptors under physiological conditions Crotalus durissus

121-03 RVV Factor V-Activator Activation of FV in APC-R assay Serine protease, not inhibited by AT

121-06 RVV-X • Determination of FX
• Screening assay for lupus anti-coagulants (diluted Russel viper venom test, dRVVT)
Metalloprotease, does also (weakly) activate protein C and factor IX Daboia (Vipera) russelli

800191 Pefakit® Reptilase® Time Ready-to-use diagnostic reagent for measurement of
• functionality of fibrin poly-merisation
• afibrinogenemia or hypofibrinogen-emia
• hyperfibrinolysis
• thrombolytic therapy
CE-marked IVD Bothrops atrox